FavIconX : Make progress bars out of favicons.

Last week on my NAS I found some old code that I had created about 2 years ago. It was a small (7kb) vanilla library that enabled you to make progress bars out of your browser tab icons. I never released it because it was so similar to piecon. However it seems that piecon hasn’t been updated for the past two years. Since my library has a bit more configuration options, I thought I could brush up some documentation and open source it for anyone to use.

FavIconX is now yours to play with.


7 thoughts on “FavIconX : Make progress bars out of favicons.

  1. The animation/rendering/processing slows down considerably if you observe it from another focused tab. Is this behaviour on purpose?

    • It’s not. I think the behaviour also depends on which browser you’re using. It seems like Chrome has some memory issues with the favicon behaviour, while Firefox behaves much better. I’ll see if I can improve some of that.

  2. great library – thank you!
    unfortunately i had to hack around for having an play/pause icon as an overlay like the animated mixcloud favicon.

    would this be possible without hacking your core-lib?

  3. Thanks for your work, it works very well together with upload progress. The only problem I have is that it does not respect updateTitle = false.

    The problem is that in the code you do at line 336:

    updateTitle = cfg.updateTitle || updateTitle;

    cfg.updateTitle is false so it will OR the condition and use the default. Should be changed to something like:

    updateTitle = typeof cfg.updateTitle != ‘undefined’ ? typeof cfg.updateTitle : updateTitle;

    • Typo in my last comment, should read:
      updateTitle = typeof cfg.updateTitle != ‘undefined’ ? cfg.updateTitle : updateTitle;

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